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This is an endless runner game developed using Unreal Engine. As you run through the path, you will experience  accelerated  time in day/night cycle. (Hence the name of the game ) Try to avoid robots in your path and collect as many coins as you can.  Listen to the relaxing peaceful music  and  get relaxed.

How to play: 

You can play with Keyboard or xbox controller.

Use W,S,A,D to move character and space to jump.

Use left analog stick to move character with xbox controller and 'A'  button to jump.

Special thanks to Epic games, Purple Planet , Mixamo for their contribution. 


Main Character model: Maria from Maximo 


Game inspired from endless runner tutorial provided by Epic games for Unreal Engine 4: 

Background music :  


Last Stand


Troposphere, Sundial, Shifting Sands, A touch of Zen, Crystal Waters, Pacific Whalesong, Yangtse Delta, Infinite Ocean


Install instructions

If you are using 64 bit Windows download SpaceTimeRunner.zip . If you are using 32 bit windows download SpaceTimeRunner_32_bit_Windows.zip version.

To install game and play , follow these instructions:

1.  Download the zip file based on your operating system as described above.

2.  Right click the file and extract the files.

3. Open the folder which was extracted.

4. Double click SpaceTimeRunner.exe

5. Enjoy and give feedback. :)


SpaceTimeRunner.zip 194 MB
Space TIme Runner_32_bit_Windows.zip 174 MB


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